About Us

Lend Guard is an Australian owned and operated information services provider.  We work with industry associations and regulators to provide information services that support risk management and compliance outcomes in using transparent and respectful systems and processes.

Our systems are constructed in a way that provides flexibility to support the specific needs of each industry segments.

Lend Guard has been built on the technical know how built over ten years at Acceleon, our sister company, who securely manages privacy compliant databases of millions of consumers and businesses, to support the data quality applications and outcomes.

As some of our information is used to make decisions around providing credit, some of the information and systems are obliged to adhere with the relevant sections of the Privacy Act and Credit Reporting Code.

If you are interested to understand how Lend Guard may be able to support your needs, please contact us here.

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Lend Guard is a Covaler company.  Please click here to find out more about Covaler.