Welcome to Lend Guard

Would you like control of your credit information?

Lend Guard has been developed to provide complete transparency and protection against fraud and identity theft by:

  1. Giving you access to your credit file at any time.
  2. Fixing errors that your financial service provider is unable or unwilling to correct, so your credit applications are not rejected.
  3. Notifying you whenever your credit file is accessed or updated, giving you transparency over who is viewing your information.
  4. Enabling you to lock your file in the event of fraud or identity theft.  This will limit your exposure to any new credit applications against your identity.

Our guarantee is that at Lend Guard your information will only ever be used with your informed consent.  We will not use your information for marketing purposes.

Lend Guard only collects consumer information through financial service providers in compliance with relevant legislation, and with informed consent.  That’s why you can rely on Lend Guard.

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