Industry-Led, Real-Time consumer insights and analytics

helping industry make better decisions

Lend Guard works with industry to provide specialised, real-time and dependable information services to support financial service providers in making informed decisions.

Lend Guard operates as an independent third party to work with industry and consumers to support a trusted and transparent relationship.

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Industry Led

Fragmentation of data creates an environment where information services no longer provide any predictive value.  By working with industry groups, Lend Guard creates an industry wide perspective for decision making.

real time

Information provided to Lend Guard is available the instant it has been received.


Collecting comprehensive credit information to properly assist credit providers needs to support responsible lending obligations.


Lend Guard product and technical capability has been built up over a ten year period through the Covaler group to meet the specific requirements of your industry.


We have built the most transparent credit reporting bureau in Australia to ensure that your customers are treated respectfully and fairly.

future proof

The legislative landscape is constantly changing. Our systems are designed to adjust to meet these challenges.  Lend Guard has multiple examples of leading legislation to ensure compliance is possible well before its required.